About Us

CadPoint, Inc.

CadPoint, Inc. designs, develops, and markets Structural CAD (SCAD) and other software especially for professional structural engineers and structural engineering firms.

SCAD software provides structural engineers and drafters with hundreds of powerful and easy to use productivity enhancing commands arranged in a logical toolbar for use in the AutoCAD environment. Easily set up or switch between CAD standards, perfect for structural engineering firms with multiple client projects.

SCAD provides a solution for SoftDesk 8.0 users wishing to upgrade to the latest version of AutoCAD. Enjoy structural engineering productivity tools that have not been available in the AutoCAD environment until now. SCAD has been used by hundreds of structural engineers and drafters in the past 5 years for projects including hotels, hospitals, condominiums, office buildings, parking structures, shopping centers, industrial facilities, seismic rehabilitation, and more!