Concrete and Masonry Structures

StructuralCAD (SCAD) provides a powerful set of functions that make designing Concrete and Masonry structures easy!

Readily available buttons are organized in logical and intuitive groups. Simply point-and-click a few times to create professional drawings with different types of concrete and masonry structures such as: reinforced concrete, stirrups, hairpins and hooks, concrete beams, columns and footings, post-tensioning slabs, CMU blocks, and brick.

Steel Bar in Concrete

CMU Block

Combination- Insert Rebar to Column or Beam

Reinforcement- Stirrup, Hairpin, and Hook

Beam-Concrete Beam, Column, and Footing

Post-tensioning Slab (PT)- Insert Curve and Straight PT lines

Masonry- CMU Block, Brick, and Precast Hollow Core Slab