Steel Structures

StructuralCAD (SCAD) provides a powerful set of functions that make designing steel structures easy, the way it should be!

Readily available buttons are organized in logical and intuitive groups. Simply point-and-click a few times to create professional drawings with different steel shapes, connection objects, weld symbols, beams, and metal deck and studs.


Metal Deck

Easily specify the object size, view, and layer in dialog boxes, or use the powerful command line interface to specify additional details.


Steel Shapes- W-Shape, Channel Shape, Angle Shape, HP-Shape, WT-Shape, HSS Shape, and Pipe.

Connection Objects- Coping and Steel Connect Plate

Weld Symbols- Over 20 different predefined and supplementary weld symbols

Metal- Metal Deck and Stud

Steel Beam- Steel Beam and Brace

Fasteners- Hexagon Bolt, Embedded Bolt Expansion Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Lag Screw, Nail, Steel Stud, and Bolt Hold.