Structural CAD

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Structural CAD is a structural engineering software designed for structural engineers and structural engineering firms to improve productivity and structural design quality.

As illustrated in the diagram below, this structural CAD design software comes with hundreds of powerful and easy to use structural design buttons that can be used in the latest AutoCAD environment.

These SCAD structural design buttons are logically grouped together in tool-bars for drawing different types of structures, such as: steel, wood, masonry, and many more. It also provides components such as PT, rebar, welding, bolts, etc. It facilitates setting and enforcement of different CAD Standards for different clients. It also offers a wide range of commonly used Annotations and Symbols for structural design applications.

Benefits of SCAD: Drafting Tools For Structural Design

  • 100% Productivity Improvement!
    – Hundreds of intuitive productivity enhancing buttons.
    – Automatic layering based on the current CAD standard.
    – Automatically resize text font height, dimension style, and block size based on the current drawing scale.
  • Easily Comply with Client CAD Standards – Perfect for Structural Engineering Firms of Any Size!
    – Easily set up your own CAD standards for different client projects.
    – Switch to a different client’s CAD standard with a single command.
  • Time-tested and Proven Quality.
    – SCAD has been used for the past 5 years by hundreds of structural engineers and drafters in numerous leading structural engineering companies.
    – SCAD has been used for hundreds of structural engineering design projects including offices, residential, high-rises, retail and industrial buildings, and parking structures.
  • Good News for SoftDesk 8.0 Users!
    – With SCAD, you can finally upgrade to the latest version of AutoCAD and enjoy the structural engineering productivity tools you’ve missed so much.