Wood Structures

StructuralCAD (SCAD) provides a powerful set of functions that make designing wood structures easy!

Readily available buttons are organized in logical and intuitive groups. Simply point-and-click a few times to create professional drawings with different components: wood blocks, Glu-Lam beams, joists, trusses, plywood, and multiple types of fasteners.

Bar Joint

Glu-Lam Beam


Easily specify the object size, view, and layer in dialog boxes, or use the powerful command line interface to specify additional details.


Wood Beam- Wood Beam Wood Beam, Wood Joist, and Glu-Lam Beam.

Wood Structures- Wood Structures Wood Block, Truss, Shear Wall, and Plywood.

Fasteners- Hexagon Bolt, Embedded Bolt, Expansion Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Lag Screw, Nail, Steel Stud, and Bolt Hold.